Fitness through exercise! 

Josey offers custom yoga and fitness classes for adults, teens and kids. Josey will develop a class suited to your participants, your students or your athletes and give it on site, saving you time, reducing total travel and benefiting the environment.

Who do we cater to? 

Companies, schools, daycares, sports teams, special events, fitness centers. 

Yoga for everyone 

  • In the workplace – Corporate yoga classes, special team building activities, reward and recognition days. Improves overall performance and job satisfaction. 
  • In schools – after-school programs, and daycares (both for kids and educators). Improves concentration and reduces stress. 
  • For seniors – Improves mobility, balance, muscle tone and posture. 
  • Private yoga – (Call for more information)
  • Pilates Strengthens muscles and improves posture. 
  • Abs/core training – Improves core strength, prevents back problems and improves posture. 
  • Interval training  Helps to lose weight and improve general fitness. 
  • Aerobics  Improves heart rate and blood pressure. 

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Come try the Wednesday class in Roxboro.


19h30- 20h00 Abs & Core Express
20h05- 21h05 Yoga
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