Kids and teen yoga

Yoga focuses on alignment of the body and balancewhen holding the positions. This leads to better posture, increased strength and self-esteem. Flexibility gained in these crucial years leads to better adult flexibility in the future and fewer injuries. Learn more!

Corporate yoga

For a very low cost to your company, lunchtime yoga can provide huge benefits. Learn more!

Hatha yoga

This classic yoga teaches you the basic poses, breathing and stretching techniques. In this feel-good yoga you will enhance your sense of balance and strength while improving your posture and increasing your mobility through stretching. This is the type of exercise you can do for your whole life!


Fluidity of movement is key to Vinyasa. You will be doing a lot of Sun salutations, and maintaining poses and balancing, while working with your breathing in this class.

Power yoga

This is the most intense of all yoga types. It is aimed at persons looking for an extra challenge. Requires strength and challenges your balance.

Yoga for seniors

Breathing exercises to focus the mind and calm your emotions. Stretching provides ease of movement. Balancing poses help focus the mind, strengthen the muscles and bones and keep you grounded. These are the advantages of yoga for seniors. Using a chair for stability, cushions and blocks to compensate for reduced flexibility that often comes with age; this yoga ensures seniors can remain active and strong longer.

Private or semi-private yoga

Ask about getting a private yoga session catered just for your needs. Contact us for more information


Based on the Pilates method developed by Joseph Pilates, these exercises strengthen core muscles and improve posture. The key to Pilates is doing the exercises precisely to attain the best results. The method centers on core muscles (abdomen and back) to increase core strength, while exercising the whole body. Though the movements are subtle, the muscles are working!

Abs/core training

These classes are aimed at strengthening the all important abdominal and back muscles – your core, which helps you maintain good posture and flatten your belly. Improving the strength of your abs is the key to preventing back problems. Improving your posture keeps you looking young longer and helps you project an attitude of self-confidence. Combines exercises from Pilates, yoga and others for variety.

Interval training

Recent studies indicate that interval training is most effective for weight loss. Come move to the music, alternating between aerobic and strength training, improving your general fitness!