Yoga for kids

Did you know that there are over 900 yoga poses?

The benefits of yoga for children are undeniable! They range from better concentration, relaxation, increased self-esteem and self-awareness to better stress management and improved results in school and in their general quality of life.

It is a great complement to other sports as well.

For preschoolers through grade two

The children are taught yoga through play focusing their energy while they are guided by animals, nature, the alphabet and other visuals to learn the poses (asanas) and breathing methods. As they love to laugh and have tremendous imagination, they create an adventure out of the funny stories told.

For students of grades 3 and up

We offer a deeper study of yoga that maximizes alignment of the body while holding the positions longer. Many series of sun salutations and more advanced balancing poses are taught. This is an important time for children to learn about posture. The different yoga styles are explained and shown using methods adapted to the appropriate age group.

Yoga for children

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